Русский 200

Весна 2018 г. — Екатерина Ринатовна

Welcome to Russian 200!

On this page, you’ll find important course materials and information. Be sure to read through all three tabs above thoroughly.

The objectives for this course are to expand your…

  • speaking skills
  • writing skills
  • reading skills
  • listening skills
Course Structure

In the tradition of Andover’s foreign language program, all classroom instruction this semester will take place in Russian. We will work to develop proficiency in all four areas of language production: speaking, listening, reading, and writing.  Our classroom activities and homework will help facilitate the development of these skills.

We will be continuing with our digital textbook.  This semester we will review chapters 11-16, and complete chapters 17-21.

We will spend approximately 5 class days on each chapter in the new textbook. Full-period tests will be given after we complete two chapters. Students should expect frequent unannounced quizzes.  At least 45 minutes should be devoted to homework for each regular classroom period and slightly more time should be spent before “double” periods.

Late Policies

You should arrive promptly and be prepared to begin class at the designated time. Three ‘lates’ of 15 minutes or less will be recorded as one unexcused absence; beyond 15 minutes, fractional absences will correspond to actual time missed from the classroom. It is your responsibility to ensure that any absences are properly recorded; in particular, you must be familiar with school policies regarding personal time and use of the sleeping room at Sykes Wellness Center.

Homework is due on designated days. Late homework will be marked down one full grade per day of lateness, unless other arrangements are made in advance with the instructor. Quizzes missed due to an unexcused absence will receive a grade of zero.

All written homework will be collected and graded. You are required to correct and resubmit each quiz, test, and homework assignment within one class day of getting it back. Please make corrections in a different ink color than the one you originally used for the assignment. GRADES WILL NOT BE WRITTEN ON ANY PIECE OF WORK YOU DO UNTIL IT IS COMPLETELY CORRECTED. This means that you must do your corrections in order to know your grade. Perfectly completed corrections turned in within 24 hours will improve your grade ½ a grade. Failure to do corrections in a timely fashion means you won’t know your grade. I reserve the right to dock your grades if you do not do your corrections. This policy is not meant to hurt your grade, but rather to help improve your knowledge of the Russian language. Class participation is not voluntary, and there is no penalty for incorrect answers in class in order to encourage students to speak up without fear. You will be graded in class on willingness to take part and on your attentiveness. Calculation of course grades will be based on the following approximate percentages:

Item Amount of Grade
Homework  10%
Classwork  15%
Quizzes  25%
Tests  25%
Final exam  25%

Grades assigned for individual work are as follows:

  • 6 = 6
  • 6- = 5.9
  • 6- = 5.7
  • 5+ = 5.4
  • 5 = 5
  • 5- = 4.7
  • 4+ = 4.4
  • 4 = 4
  • 4- = 3.7
  • etc.
Class Participation

As always, class participation is not voluntary, and there is no penalty for incorrect answers in class. This is to encourage you to speak up without fear. You will be graded in class on your willingness to take part and on your attentiveness. DON’T FORGET THAT YOUR CLASSROOM GRADE TAKES A HIT EVERY TIME YOU SPEAK IN ENGLISH! EVERYBODY HAS THE POTENTIAL TO GET A GRADE OF 6 FOR CLASSWORK! BE ALERT, PARTICIPATE, DON’T SLEEP, AND DON’T LOOK AT THE CLOCK EVERY TWO MINUTES!

Academic Honesty

While the rules concerning cheating on tests are reasonably straightforward, the issue is somewhat muddier with respect to work done outside the classroom. For standard, one-night, written assignments the policy of the Russian Department is that students may work with others, provided that this help, including the name of the helper, is acknowledged on each assignment. Your teach must be the first reader of your written work. DO NOT let a friend, relative, peer tutor or native speaker do your homework for you, proofread it or correct your mistakes. As well as being dishonest, it is counterproductive to your learning. Google translate is NOT authorized. You may not consult the Internet to help translate a block of text, “block” meaning more than a single word. You may come to Russian study hall (Mondays and Tuesdays from 6:00-7:30 pm) or conference period if you would like help from your teacher!

Classroom Accommodation

I am available to discuss academic accommodations that may be required for students with disabilities. If you believe that you need accommodations for a disability, please contact Laura Werner, Director of Student Disability Services. Her office is located on Pearson, first floor (C). You may email her at or call her at (978) 749-4365 for an appointment to discuss your needs and the process for requesting accommodations

Device Policy

No electronic devices, such as phones or laptops, are to be in sight during class. Turn them off and put them in your bag. If I see it - I own it (for a while).

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